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Acid-Proof Ceramics

Acid-Proof Ceramics

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What is an acid proof or anti-acid ceramics? Acid proof ceramics is an unglazed product that has a high resistance to acid substances (except for hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid). In addition, Acid proof ceramics are porcelain ceramics that are produced using raw materials without iron oxides and by baking at high temperatures. This process melts the raw materials and forms a dense body with water absorption below 0.5%. Furthermore, acid-proof ceramics are very strong against impact and pressure. The amount of water absorption by them is very low. The body color of these tiles is usually white, gray or cream, and they are available in the market in rectangular and square shapes. Acid-proof ceramics are usually smooth, ivory or sliding ceramics, which you can choose depending on your needs.

Different Types of Acid Proof Ceramics

Laboratory Acid Proof Ceramics: These ceramics are resistant to most industrial acids. Laboratory acid-proof ceramics are highly resistant to impact and pressure and are easily washed. Because these ceramics are used in laboratory environments, they should have the lowest level of slipperiness to increase the safety of the environment.Different Types of Acid-Proof Ceramics

Industrial Acid-Proof Ceramics: Anti-acid mortar must be used when installing these ceramics. Otherwise, the fasteners will wear out and acidic materials will penetrate under the ceramics, which will cause the tile and ceramics to deteriorate. Industrial acid proof ceramics are resistant to hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and H4 industrial acid.

Industrial Acid-Proof Ceramics

Applications of Acid-Proof Ceramics & Tiles

Due to their resistant structure, acid-proof ceramics are more useful in environments that are exposed to chemicals or acids. Among the environments where acid proof ceramics are used, the following can be mentioned:

Pharmaceutical Industries;

Electronics Industry;

Biotechnology Industries;

Battery Room, Control Room;

Ultra-Sterile Rooms;

Public Places;

Industrial Equipment, Pipes and Chimneys;

Wall, Floor and Platform of Chemical Laboratories;

Acidic Environments;

Floors and Walls of Industrial Halls;

Acid and Chemical Pools;

Environments that are Exposed to Bad Odors;

Food Industry, Dairy Product Factories, Canning Factories, etc.

Characteristics of Acid-Proof Ceramics

The materials used in the production of acid proof ceramics are in such a way that the resistance and longevity of this type of ceramics in acidic environments is greater than in alkaline environments. This is while acid-proof ceramics are also resistant in alkaline environments; however, for alkaline environments, it is better to use acid proof ceramic tiles that are made on the basis of carbon.

Chemical Characteristics

The chemical characteristics of acid proof ceramics according to the National Standard No. 3051 are of interest due to their high strength and resistance to acids (except for HF or fluoric acid which is a glass solvent). It should be noted that it is not necessary that acid proof ceramics show resistance to alkaline substances.

Appearance Features of Acid-Proof Ceramics

There is no specific limit in the dimensions and size of this type of tile and it can be produced according to the needs and applications. However, an acid-proof (or normal) ceramic tile has the following features:

Perpendicular Sides: The rectangular sides of the ceramic should be perpendicular to each other.

Completely Smooth Surface: The surface of the tile should not have any protrusions or bends.

The Straightness of the Sides: The sides of the acid-proof ceramics are straight and do not have any deviations.

Advantages of Acid-Proof Ceramics

  • The amount of water and moisture absorption of acid-proof ceramics is very low, which prevents this type of ceramics from freezing.
  • Due to the materials used in making this type of ceramics, they have a high resistance to acid materials.
  • The high mechanical resistance of acid proof ceramics has made this type of ceramics strong and resistant to heat and abrasion.


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