Disadvantages & Applications of Alkali Tile

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Advantages, Disadvantages & Applications

Disadvantages & Applications of Alkali Tile

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Advantages, Disadvantages & Applications

Advantages, Disadvantages & Applications: The tiles and ceramics used for any place should have specific chemical specifications. These chemical specifications shall provide a considerable help to increase their performance and longevity. In the present article, we will discuss the specifications of alkali resistant tile as well as their usage. Please keep with us to the end of the article hereof.

What is the Alkali Resistant Tile?

As it is crystal clear from its name, alkali resistant tile is a product which is resistant to any type of alkali substances, and the experts recommend to use it in spaces with alkali substances.

Application of Alkali Resistant Tile

Alkali resistant tile are used in spaces with high alkali level such as different types of medical centers, industrial workplaces, laboratories, etc. Installation of this type of tile can highly prevent from the alkali level of the respective place, and help to make the relevant place’s atmosphere neutral.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Alkali Resistant Tile

Any product has its own advantages and disadvantages, and alkali resistant tile is not excluded from this rule. Alkali resistant tile is very resistant to any abrasion and erosion, and has a high resistance to different exerted pressures. The most prominent problem for buying this type of tile is its high price compared to the other ordinary tiles.

Advantages, Disadvantages & Applications


As mentioned in the article hereof, alkali resistant tile is resistant to alkali substances, and can be used is such places as the medical centers, laboratories, and the industrial workplaces. In the end, it should be noted that you can easily order and buy your desired alkali resistant tile on Etminan Ceramic Tiles Manufactuaring CO. L.L.C.  website (www.etminan.ae).

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