Advantages & Disadvantages of Anti-Slip Tile

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Anti-Slip Tile

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Advantages & Disadvantages: In residential spaces, it is generally attempted that all equipment be elected in such a way that they have the minimum danger for the individuals, or in case of any hazard, the respective protection equipment shall be used.

Most probably, you have ever had the experience of being slipped on the tile or ceramics. Apart from the fact that this issue is very dangerous. This would be an unpleasant experience bearing in mind for a long time.

Considering this severe problem of tiles and ceramics, the manufacturing companies have worked on producing a product more different from the current ordinary type of ceramics and tiles which is named anti-slip tile. In case you want to receive more information about this issue, please keep with us and read thoroughly the present article written by the journal of Etminan Ceramic Tiles Manufactuaring CO. L.L.C

What is the Anti-Slip Tile?

Generally, anti-slip tile does not have any usage separate and different from the other types of tiles and ceramics; however, due to its high friction capability, it prevents from being slippage. In most cases, it can have a performance and usage better than that of the ordinary ceramics and tiles.

Application of Anti-Slip Tiles

It would be better to use anti-slip tiles in the following spaces:

  • The floor of parking lots.
  • The floor of places with high traffic.
  • The floor of sport venues.
  • The floor of wet places.

It should be noted that anti-slip tiles can be used in any places that need a floor covering; however, using the anti-slip tiles in the abovementioned places is usually more common.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Anti-Slip Tile

Anti-slip tile has a composition and form on its surface that creates more friction and prevents from slippage. This issue has led to the fact that some different advantages and disadvantages are proposed for this product according to what follows:

  • It has a good sustainability surface.
  • Carpet can be placed on it without slippage.
  • Objects have a better sustainability on this type of tile.
  • It is more appropriate for movement of the wheeled objects.

In contrary to the abovementioned advantages, the only disadvantage of anti-slip tiles is that they are more difficult to wash compared to the other types of tile. In the end, it should be noted that you can easily order and buy your desired anti-slip tile on Etminan Ceramic Tiles Manufactuaring CO. L.L.C . website (

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