Ceramic Tile or Porcelain Tile?

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Ceramic Tile or Porcelain Tile?

Ceramic Tile or Porcelain Tile?

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Ceramic Tile or Porcelain Tile

Ceramic Tile or Porcelain Tile: Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between ceramics and porcelain when looking at a ceramic surface? And have you asked yourself what is the nature of what you are looking at? The answer to this question is very easy. Porcelains are one type of ceramics which are produced of purer and more refined materials compared to the other types of ceramics. Ceramics are produced by white or red soil mixed with the other mineral materials and water which are heated in a furnace. Due to their body’s usual porosity, ceramics are made impenetrable by being glazed. The pattern and color seen on ceramics is merely on its surface; however, the body is different from what you see.

Ceramic Tile or Porcelain Tile

Ceramic tiles are used on the floors and walls, and can be cut more easily than porcelains. Non-porcelain ceramics are customarily used for places where the traffic is low or average. This type of porcelain usually has a high degree (about 4 percent) of water absorption. Therefore, it is not freezing, abrasion, and corrosion proof. Ceramic tiles are produced in two types of glazed and non-glazed tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles can be easily cleansed, and do not absorb strong smell, bacteria, and allergenic substances. Glazed ceramics are more vulnerable to be broken. They are more appropriate for the walls due to their high slippery, while non-glazed ceramics are more appropriate for the floor and wet surfaces like the bathroom.

Porcelain Ceramics

They are produced under a very high pressure and heat; therefore, a very dense product with a water absorption less than 0.5 percent is produced out of soft sandstone.

Full Body Porcelains

Generally, they have an identical thickness, pattern and color. In spite of the other type of porcelains, full body porcelains are abrasion resistant, and thus they are appropriate for different applications such as the residential projects as well as the high traffic centers like the commercial, administrative and industrial centers.


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