What Types of Tiles & Ceramics are Appropriate for Hospitals?

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What Types of Tiles & Ceramics are Appropriate for Hospitals?

What Types of Tiles & Ceramics are Appropriate for Hospitals?

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Tiles & Ceramics: A combination of factors has led to use a specific type of tiles and porcelain tiles in hospitals because of the fact that hospitals have their specific sensitivity, and in order to elect the tiles and ceramics appropriate for the hospitals, a special attention shall be made by considering such factors as color, resistance, antibacterial features, etc.

In the present article provided by the journal of Etminan Ceramic Tiles Manufactuaring CO. L.L.C the most significant features for buying different tiles specific for hospitals are presented.

Tiles Appropriate for Hospital Flooring

Tiles Appropriate for Hospital Flooring

The tiles used in the hospitals are different from the other types of tiles in terms of two aspects including their quality and materials. Moreover, the best type of floor covering for hospitals is the porcelain ceramics which have the following features:

  • High durability and resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less filth and non-stain feature
  • Water proof and resistant to other types of liquid substances
  • High variety of pattern and color for different locations of hospitals
  • Anti-slip feature of porcelain tiles and ceramics

In the rest of article, the most important features of hospital tiles are discussed separately:

Dimensions of Tiles & Ceramics Appropriate for Hospitals

Dimensions of the tiles and ceramics appropriate for the hospitals should be larger than the size of the other types of ceramics so that the length of the gap between the ceramics be as less as possible. The reason for this issue is to prevent water penetration beneath the ceramic tiles because the hospital tiles are washed continuously.



The Tile Surface Appropriate for Hospital

A smooth, strong and glossy surface is one of the other features of the hospital floor ceramics which prevents from any stain and pollution.


Anti-Slip Tile & Ceramics

Tiles & Ceramics

Hospitals and the medical centers are high-traffic places, and in electing the tile and ceramics appropriate for them, we should definitely give a specific priority to buying the anti-slip tiles. At the moment, one of the best companies providing the anti-slip tiles is Etminan Ceramic Tiles Manufactuaring CO. L.L.C. and to date, numerous hospitals, laboratories and the other medical centers have used the anti-slip tiles of  Etminan Ceramic Tiles Manufactuaring CO. L.L.C in their spaces.

Durability of Tiles Appropriate for Hospitals

The durability and resistance of the tiles and ceramics used in the hospitals should be to the extent that they are not damaged in short term due to the continuous traffic and heavy weight of the beds.

Resistance to Chemical Substances

In hospitals, there are different types of pharmaceutical and chemical substances. Therefore, the tiles and ceramics used in the hospitals should, by no means, be corroded due to having a chemical reaction with these substances, nor lose their durability.

Color Appropriate for Tiles used in Hospitals

Electing the appropriate color has a significant role in improving the atmosphere of the hospitals more than what you may think. This is because of the fact that every color has its specific mental and physiological effects. It would be interesting to know that colors can effect on the body’s temperature. For instance, the warm colors like red, orange, and yellow can increase the body’s temperature.

Furthermore, diversity of colors in the form and the brilliance can have a high positive or negative mental load through relaxation as well as any stimulation or boredom to the patient, and can change the medical treatment procedure of the patient.

In hospitals, it is better not to use more than three colors in the interior spaces. For instance, the color of ceiling should be lighter than the color of wall. In contrary to the indoor spaces, the connected hospital spaces should use the similar colors. Furthermore, in the larger spaces, it is recommended to use the light and delicate colors.

Moreover, in the following hospital wards, it would be better to use the colors mentioned below:

Color of Hospital Entrance Area

The color of hospitals’ entrance area should be indicative of the sense of hope and confidence; therefore, it would be better to use the patterns suitable for this atmosphere. In the rest of article, you can find some descriptions concerning the appropriate color of tiles and ceramics for different wards of hospitals.

Color of Reception Unit

Due to the fact that Reception Unit is the first place of contact with the patient and his/her companions in hospital, its tile color should have a clear contrast with that of the surroundings. Using the tiles with a neutral color in this Unit is recommended.

Color of Corridors in Hospitals

Using the sharp colors as well as a linear lighting for finding the route is the best choice for the corridor of hospitals so that the patients and their companions can find their routs easily and without any confusion.

Color of Pediatric Ward

In the entrance area of the Pediatric Ward, it would be better to use different types of warm colors such as yellow, red, or orange. Using the yellow color in the waiting room can be an appropriate recommendation for this area.

Colors of Counselling & Treatment Rooms

To induce a sense of composure to the patients, it is recommended to use the colors of green and blue in these yard. The colors of yellow and pink can be used for minor decorations.

In the end, the most significant factors to be taken into consideration in electing the color of hospital tiles are according to what follows:  

  • Age and sex of patients
  • Compatibility of the color with the space in which it is used
  • Using the recognizable colors for the patients who a poor eyesight
  • Electing the color by considering the intensity and nature of illness


Tiles & Ceramics


Electing the tile appropriate for hospitals should be on the basis of different factors such as color, durability, antibacterial feature, etc. In the present article written by the journal of Etminan Ceramic Tiles Manufactuaring CO. L.L.C we discussed these issues in detail. In the end, it should be noted that you can easily order and buy the tile appropriate for hospital on Etminan Ceramic Tiles Manufactuaring CO. L.L.C. website (www.etminan.ae).


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